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Dressing for Court

Posted on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 in

Dressing for Court:

Coming to court dressed like you are going to play football or have just left the gym is not a good idea.  I have seen litigants told to leave the courtroom and return appropriately dressed. You want the court to hear and believe what you have to say.  Appearances provide a first impression.  Distracting or revealing clothing are a bad choice.  You want the Court to hear you and believe you, not remember your tattoos, body jewelry or that you cannot fit into those pants.  Distracting the Court means the Judge is not focusing on what you have to say.
While you do not need to wear your “Sunday Best,” leave the flip-flops, slippers and shirts with certain four letter words in your closet.  Ask yourself if your (grand)mother would wear the item to Court.
What is the worst you have seen?  No names!!

What pisses you off?

Posted on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 in

This blog is for persons who are not attorneys.

What pisses you off about the way NJ courts operate?  What do you propose to make them better?  How can the NJ courts be more user friendly?  What was good about your  NJ court experience? Please comment below and let us know what pisses you off about court!

This blog is not intended to be a sounding board for a decision you did not like or a Judge you would prefer leaves the court house.  Posts shall be removed in the absolute and sole discretion of the host.

Welcome To My Blog

Posted on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 in

Welcome to my blog.  Its purpose is to promote discussion, argument and debate on (1) legal issues in the Courts, (2) New Jersey Laws, proposed, existing and desired and (3) points of interest arising from lawyering.

Nothing in the blogs is intended as legal advice.  Nothing in the blogs creates an attorney-client relationship.  There is no substitute for competent, sound legal advice focused on your areas of concern.  If you care to talk to Edward P. Epstein, Esquire, he can be reached at 609-646-8355.

This is not a platform to attack any attorney or Judge.

Posts shall be removed in the absolute and sole discretion of the host.

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